Order Your Wajimanuri

- Made to order -

We take made to order system to realize your idea.

Please let us know contact address, budget, categories, and size.

We will send you a customized catalogue by email or post.

When you made up your mind, let's talk details together later on.

- Repair -

​We take repairs as well.

For more secure way to  your quotation, send us high resolution pictures of that broken part.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are happy to answer to your question.

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Show room 〒928-0001 石川県輪島市河井町2-161-2 9:00‐16:30 T. 0768-22-5051 F. 0768-22-5066 Ⓟ2台
Futase Atlier 〒928-0031 石川県輪島市二勢町118-6  8:30‐17:30 (代) 0768-22-5151 F. 0768-22-5154 Ⓟ5台