A pair of soup bowl
φ12.2×H 6.4cm
For marriage, birth given blessing.... We suggest to purchase rice bowl as well has natural thermos effect. For extra charge, we have name engraving and other decoration options ex; child name and Chinese Zodiac or Birth flower etc...
Round Tray Black 'WA'
Created by WAKIO NAKAMURA our head of atelier, stubbornly working for over 30 years.
Chic, simple, and very Japanese-ish!
We recommend this for someone looking for unique something rather than normal black one.
We also have more crafty stuff in stock.

We discount slightly for over 100 lots for memorial gifts.
Inquires accepted from mail icon.
Set of 5 pair of chopsticks
Adult chopstick size 21㎝-22.5
For children 14,16,18㎝

We have different colour and variety of decorations. Tell us your preference. We'll send suggestion email for you.
wagashi knife platina chinkin
For Sado (tea ceremony) gift... & of course for daily use. No need to wash the folk gap anymore with this single knife...!
Engraved by our Chinkin craftsman: Hayato Nishioka
Red Mt. Fuji chinkin
Drawn by Chinkin Craftman;Kokuhou Nishimura.

Known as famous, lucky symbol. Best recommendation for overseas business gift, or for private gift as comemorizing good start with Mt. Fuji sunrise.
Treasure ship chinkin panel
Drawn by chinkin craftman: Kokuhou Nishimura.

Panel message: Treasure ship will bring you good luck, chance, wealth to make your life enriched.
Also known as the Seven Deities of Good Fortune's ship.
Suitable for special occasion gift celebrating one's remarkable event in your life.


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