Application has been temporary suspended.

Wajimanuri GOSHIMAYA Permanent Sales Staff

We need;

1.Cheerful, 2.Physically Powerful, 3. Someone Have Strong Self Confident with yourself


Don’t hesitate to contact us!


For more details, get contact to [hello-work] in Japan to your closest residential area


Work place: ZIP:928-0031 Futase118-6, Wajima, ISHIKAWA, JAPAN

You'll be hired as; permanent employee 

Job sort: sales staff


What you will do; 

・engage sales affairs all over the department store in  Japan from Kyushu to Hokkaido, sell products at our main boutique and Kaga, ISHIKAWA 

・Prepare and neat check thoroughly when you leave the workshop and back from exhibition.
・For Businesss trip, we have HIACE, 2t・4tTruck
・Make business letter and  all sorts of voucher.
・Market development in new area 


Employment term: Not decided.

Serverance pay; We have SERAMA scheme at your retirement.

Required skill;  Manual Driving license( Automatic Driving license will not be accepted ) , Japanese language skill, sense of humor & organizing ability.

Any of pieces are precious, so if you are not really good at tidy things up, we don't recommend you working in here.

A few of us speak English, it's still ok if you intend to learn Japanese bit by bit.

We welcome you.



※Any of those who wish to attend interview, get reference from ”Hello Work" - a public employment security office, then make meeting appointment.