so told over 100

Wajimanuri, processing over 100 steps, has been stood the test of time because of its durable feature and sustainability.

We all are aware that it's unusual to complete over 100 process for single miso soup bowl.

On the other hand, that was the solution retaining its sustainability in the past time within limited material, to protect the thin wood base considered as high-rank from any deterioration, or prevent the rim crack by applying fine hemp fabric layers on the top.

And that was represented as supreme hand- crafted product before industrial revolution.

The thinner base is, the finer product shows well-fixed shape so that we could stop twisty feature of natural wood by letting it absorb lacquer sup as much as possible, solidify, and let its form stay & durability.

The surface will be brand new by undo the process, and refresh.

The thick layers is like a shock resistant cushion to any considerable out-coming damage. Plus, this hard layers, widens the diversify of decoration, enhance this high-end art feature.

We are aware obviously they are expensive, but why not think about this is cost-effective timeless piece; any of those product is unnecessary to purchase new one over 20-30 years.

And you already know the surface is replaceable, that's also known as ecologically friendly point you can hand it down to someone else. Your original piece will be historically unique.

The process is very complicated, but the fact is, the whole care afterwards is quite simple.

This is what makes NUNOKISE-HONKATAJI effectively shows its capability.


A unique method among Wajima nuri, Fixed hemp fabric attached on the rim & thick lacquer layers with burnt diatomaceous earth mixed base applied for durability.




Spirit of Analogue  

As you might know, the whole process has been done by human hand-made.


And it takes enormous time rather than to finish with machine, which is obvious truth.


But for us, machine is " SUPPORT" to polish off the surface especially for the round shape product. Still it requires sensitive sense and instinct finding the unpolished part you can't see superficially. And it's faster than the machine when craftsman do "extra-care work" requires their own physical hand tuning up, check each step's been done in a right way.


As all craftsman confront this “tool” problem all the time, every unique tool must be made ASAP by its own hand. Even if you could find them online they instantly create “essentials”. Once I asked them why, they said; “How come you could waste spare time for that !? I could make double amount of bowls while they're in busy shipping!”


Here we have various people in this company, the average age of our craftsman are over 50's years old, all are serving over 30 years, and the oldest is over 50, became apprenticeship at 15.

 Some member have certification of  traditional craftsmanship, enthusiastic to keep the stoic quality level.


​We provide attention to each product such as ; for large furniture, craftsman stretch their height fully, and for small bowls, they figure out the customer's habitat, think for durable structure.

We'll keep move forward thinking what we can do for the future,  and look forward new creation constantly by providing under rigid criteria.


Being Part of  the  Mother Nature

Wajimanuri, the Nationally-designated Important intangible cultural property has been designated to oblige the rules from nation or METI in Japan.

  1. Utilize preferable wood for each product purpose considering their growth nature.

  2. Urushi should be natural Lacquer sap.

  3. Created with traditional technique and policy

Utilizing natural material directly connects to the mother earth circulation without less stress. The biggest sales point of Wajimanuri is permanently durable for daily use, but this

will be kept as long as you keep dining gently.

Therefore, in nature, they will be worn, broken with strong shock, but deterioration shows it's not pointed as weak point as it is rather kind to environment going way back to the ground 0 level beneath us.

Based on the regulations above, Wajimanuri created bit by bit utilizing our accessible technique and ability, following the nature of urushi time flow.

Sometimes we use not 100 % natural material only for artistic decoration ex. ornamental sculpture to remove heavy metals used-to included in traditional colors, we use organically synthesized color pigments instead these days.




Urishi the Multi-functional


Have you ever imagined that urushi has diverse function kills general germ, thermal effect, anti acid & alkaline, and water proof ?​​

What you can feel daily life first of all, is thermal effect. you will definitely get relaxed with its tenderly warmed rice & miso soup, makes you feel "home". Plus, you won't get surprised with super hot heat where porcelain or any serving metal serving ware has high thermal conductivity since wood and lacquer prevents unnecessary heat.

     Big fans of  Wajimanuri utilize their bowls positively to anything they can serve; instant ramen, with hot kettle water, Soumen, drink cold sake, put pickles and marinated vegetables and sushi etc...without paying no attention to any minimal scratch. That shows they are convenient enough for the daily use, that's the brilliant point of daily usable Wajimanuri.

Also resistant to aqua regia, and sulfuric acid.

Most of germs will vanish while you keep using it everyday, but apparently you might have mold on the surface can be washed away with soapy water or soap which is no problem, if you keep them in the box for ages. We recommend for the pet food tray reducing pimps on the chin.

Now you knew Urushi was very useful material ever.


Suitable for babies


Some of you might get anxious about the skin-allergic response from urushi, but you have few problem basically, including young, old, and babies passed 6 months. Well, each of you may have different level of  skin allergic stregnth....

For newborns, we have first dining set, spoon and bowl which is popular for years.

Urushi solidify more or less 25 Celsius,75%~80% humidity, and oxygen.

When you toutch liquid urushi allergic response will occur triggered by Urushiol.


However, after solidifying the surface completely, allergic factor will disappear.

After the last layer, you'll need to leave it at least 1 month until perfect solidification.

After shipping, the allergic level is at very low level, almost 0, but if you are someone very sensitive skins,  we'd recommend them to keep it in a dark, silent place. 

Some of  you may have red rush occasionally. 
In that case, we do recommend you to have medical care at hospital immediately.





”NAOSHI-MON”, repairable structure is one of the best feature of Wajimanuri for durability.

However, considering the strength fact from repaired past impact, thickness, wood structure, the repairing has limit and regulations.


If the base wood is secure, Re-paint is possible by polishing off the lacquer surface.

The thicker layer is, the more vulnerable, so this present day thickness is the practical strength limit of  NUNO KISE HON KATAJI finish.


And this, main 5 layers are accessible to reach the previous history to re-cover it again. 

Most scars on the surface are repairable with this way-going back method.


But you should be careful when you find it crack from wood;

In this case, please remind  if the cracking inside is wide enough to stick two-separated parts together again. If it is, it's savable. If not, that would be need extra care to use as dining wares since urushi has less flex nature as glue than elastic glue.


We do what we could do our best, but injured lacquer ware has it's former injure habit, so they might crack again with strong impact and hot water. 

We recommend to utilize it as an ornament when you won't use it so often.


Following the previous results, some say "I'll keep it safely in a silent place, or I'll put some flower for guest room with this kintsugi vase, instead,  please make new piece for dining".


Therefore,  from this natural wood nature and secure point of quality, we would suggest to have new copy instead as one of the considerable choice.