so told over 100

Wajimanuri, processing over 100 steps, has been stood the test of time because of its durable feature and sustainability.

We all are aware that it's unusual to complete over 100 process for single miso soup.

On the other hand, that was the solution retaining its sustainability in the past time within limited material, to protect the thin wood base considered as high-rank from any deterioration, or prevent the rim crack by applying fine hemp fabric layers on the top.

And that was represented as supreme hand- crafted product before industrial revolution.

The thinner base is, the finer product shows well-fixed shape so that we could stop twisty feature of natural wood by letting it absorb lacquer sup as much as possible, solidify, and let its form stay & durability.

The surface will be brand new by undo the process, and refresh.

The thick layers is like a shock resistant cushion to any considerable out-coming damage. Plus, this hard layers, widens the diversify of decoration, enhance this high-end art feature.

We are aware obviously they are expensive, but why not think about this is cost-effective timeless piece; any of those product is unnecessary to purchase new one over 20-30 years.

And you already know the surface is replaceable, that's also known as ecologically friendly point you can hand it down to someone else. Your original piece will be historically unique.

The process is very complicated, but the fact is, the whole care afterwards is quite simple.

This is what makes NUNOKISE-HONKATAJI effectively shows its capability.


A unique method among Wajima nuri, Fixed hemp fabric attached on the rim & thick lacquer layers with burnt diatomaceous earth mixed base applied for durability.


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