Rice bowl Kuro
Pair soup bowl
Serving plate moon edge
smiling cup
Craft dining set
Our atelier head Wakio Nakamura represents heavy usage dining set especially for daily use.
Nawamaki large platter
Soba bowl Kuro
Soba bowl for daily use.
Zataku pine leaf chinkin
European(Western) style dining table
Dressing table Fall flowers makie
Dressing mirror
Decorating family emblem is also popular.
Kimono hanger
Keeps kimono neatly. For display, and daily use.
Kimono hanger L form
More casual type. Keeps kimono neatly. For display, and daily use.
Syumoku  (Obi hanger) Syu
Displaying shelf San-sui makie
San-sui is a Chinese style utopia, sophisticated during Japanese painters.
Katana sword rest
2 swords can be displayed, main and side swords. Engraving family emblem is also serviced at extra charge.
Peony arabesque makie Kabuto
Displayed on annual event especially for wishing boy's healthy growth and better future.
Monumental family tablet
Family catalogue
On yellow circle, your family name will be arranged.
Family altar syu-urumi nuri
One of the examples of mid-sized family altar for apartment.
Scipt table urumi nuri
incense box(L) & burner(R)
Rindai(L) Incense holder(R)
Altar table and small Buddhist altar
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